Tripple Pellet Machine Configuration Pig Manure Bio-Organic Pelleting Line

Tripple Pellet Machine Configuration Pig Manure Bio-Organic Pelleting Line

Tripple pellet equipment configuration pig manure bio-organic and natural pelleting line

ZheJiang CZPT Zhengda Co., Ltd is specialized in production organic fertilizer pellet production equipment, we can supply consumer: bio-organic and natural fertilizer pellet generation line which just take animal manure (primarily rooster manure, pig manure, cattle manure, sheep manure and and so on.,) as uncooked substance, bio-organic and natural fertilizer pellet creation line which just take city kitchen squander as raw substance, bio-organic fertilizer pellet creation line which take urban living squander as uncooked materials. CZPT will customize varieties of full task remedies to meet up with customers’ various demands.

Now just take the 6-7 tph of pig manure organic fertilizer granulation generation line as a case, in accordance to the process and every section to do the subsequent introduction and description.

Definition of production line of pig manure bio-organic and natural fertilizer
Pig manure bio-organic fertilizer is a variety of biological organic and natural manure that is mixed with pig manure.after fermentation, compost, pre-treatment, and lastly make into biomass fertilizer. Pig manure is an excellent fertilizer for crops. Pig manure is fantastic in texture and contains far more organic make a difference and nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium vitamins.Via the scientific therapy of the granulation soon after the fermenting and tossing of fertilizer, the pig manure can be made into substantial top quality organic and natural fertilizer, which can accomplish zero pollution, zero emission and no smell, and change the dung into wealth.
Raw material: The main uncooked materials is pig manure, mixing with some natural and organic issues like straw,grass, sawdust, and many others

Flow procedure short introduction
3 Line FZLH420 pig biological natural and organic fertilizer manufacturing line is by utilizing of pig manure to mix with some halm, straw, sawdust, or kitchen area waste and other organic and natural compounds on composting, fermentation, drying right after pre-remedy, once more into the processing workshop, by way of crushing, mixing, granulation, cooling, packaging part following processing, organic organic and natural fertilizer, when the entire line to produce 6-7tons of pig manure organic fertilizer granules, equipment complete energy is about 750 kw, the workshop covers an region of 4000m2, contain raw content warehouse and concluded product warehouse The layout of the complete line is compact, realistic, satisfies the specifications of environmental safety, and can be directed in accordance to consumer specifications.

Circulation procedure diagram
Fermentation and compost process→pre-remedy process→grinding process→mixing process→pelleting and bagging approach

CZPT attributes and sections introduction:
Fermentation and compost procedure: Combine the elements in a pile 4 to six meters extensive, .8 meters to 1.two meters high, size not significantly less than three meters. Shell out focus to the suitable fermentation procedure of oxygen and turns heaps.
Compost gear: LYLP-six, electrical power 35.5kw, output 600 m3/h.

Pre-therapy method: The raw materials right after fermentation are crushed by the particular chain grinder for organic and natural fertilizer. Then use the roller cleaner to clean the impurities in the uncooked resources, including large parts of wooden, stones, agglomerated resources, and so forth. Then use the roller dryer to dry the uncooked content, drying the raw material moisture to about twenty%.
Drying products: LYHG2.*20, roller diameter 2m, duration 20m, electrical power 22kw. Made output:five-7tph

Grinding process: The materials are conveyed to the hammer mill via the conveying tools, which is outfitted with iron getting rid of unit before the hammer mill.
Grinding tools: FFSP66*100, electrical power 132kw, created output six-8tph.

Mixing procedure: By means of the micro-aspect incorporating hopper, the fungus seeds and raw components can be extra to the mixing device for mixing, after evenly mixed, enters the up coming part.
Mixing tools: SDHJ2, electrical power: 22kw, design and style output: 2m3/batch

Pelleting approach: Fertilizer unique utilized ring die granulator, suitable linear speed is much more suited for organic and natural fertilizer granulator, and the adoption of higher precision equipment travel granulator, large transmission efficiency, ring die with fast unloading type of hoop.
Pelleting products: FZLH420, energy: 110kw, Design output 2tph, quantity: 3 sets.

Cooling and packaging segment: the tilting type cooler is picked to properly prevent particle breakage. The cooler is outfitted with vibrating grading sieve to screen out some unformed powder. In accordance to the local income needs of the client, the packaging scale can be selected to facilitate the client to promote goods. The packaging specification of the packaging scale is: 20-50kg/ bundle.
Cooling products: FKLB4, cooling chamber potential 4m3, designed to generate six-8tph.
Packing products: FDBLY-PD belt scale, packing assortment: 20-50kg/ bag, six-eight baggage/moment.

Tiny tips: Pig manure consists of 15% natural subject, .5% nitrogen, .five-.6% phosphorus and .35-.forty five% potassium. Due to the fact it is made up of much more nitrogen, the proportion of carbon and nitrogen is reasonably little, about 14:one, which is generally simple to be decomposed by microorganisms, releasing nutrition that can be absorbed and utilized by crops. Pig manure includes the maximum humus, the premier amount of positive dissociation substitution, the strongest fertility, but more water material, considerably less cellulose decomposing micro organism, mixed with a modest volume of horse manure, to inoculate cellulose decomposing bacteria, can greatly increase the fertilizer effect.

Tripple Pellet Machine Configuration Pig Manure Bio-Organic Pelleting Line