PVC Cable Flexible Cable Electric Wire Electrical Cable

PVC Cable Flexible Cable Electric Wire Electrical Cable

Product Description

Conductor:Especially substantial-flex style made of free-Oxygen copper wires according to VDE5715 Course  6     
Conductor development:anti twist layered, or grouping with divided gap filling by high power main  
Conductor insulation: Large high quality imported TPE                         
Internal Jacket: Modified reduced viscosity and Sturdy extrusion design,PVC with oil resistance                                                   
Outer Jacket: High top quality imported PUR                                                                         
Twist pair:each and every 2 wires twisted with each other                                                                                        
Colour code:  OEM                                                                            
Protect: Braid made of tinned copper wires,include earlier mentioned 80%                                                 
Jacket coloration: Black,Grey,Orange

CZPT parameters
rated voltage:<0.5mm2:300/300V ≥0.5mm2:300/500V                               
test voltage: 2000V                                                       

least bending radius: Fixed installation:8×D
Movable set up:length of travel <10m,minimum bending radius 8×D
distance of travel ≥10m,minimal bending radius 10×D              
Application temperature:Fixed set up:-40ºC-+90ºC
                                          Movable set up-30ºC- +90ºC                           
Flame resistance:following IEC60332-one-two+EN60332-one-two

one.Laying stroke:100m, accelerated pace:30m/s2,travelling speed:8m/s
two.Lifestyle of bending>600 0000 occasions,45 /min
three.h2o resistance,oil resistance,UV resistant,abrasion resistance,cold resistance,weatherability. anti-electromagnetic interference
With increased acceleration and more robust torsion than standard adaptable cable.

set up underneath constant reciprocation, specifically industrial frequent bending environments. such as drag chains of modern equipment and logistics systems, manage programs, automated machinery programs,ect. CNC machines, digital equipments, hardware rammings, wooden and stone equipment, glass and windows equipment, injection molding machiney, robots and manipulators, building equipment, heavy-duty equipment, auto producing, lifting transportation equipments, automated warehouses, docks, hearth combating truck and other indoor and outside shielded environments.Suited for medium travel distance, large pace machine (hand) equipments, intermediate dust air pollution atmosphere

Specification(we also take customer’ specification)


PVC Cable Flexible Cable Electric Wire Electrical Cable