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Leaf Chains


Leaf chains are a type of roller chain that are designed to handle heavy loads and provide reliable performance in demanding industrial applications. These chains are widely used in many different industries, including construction, agriculture, mining, and forestry.

One of the key features of leaf chains is their ability to handle shock loads and high-stress conditions. This is due to their unique design, which incorporates solid steel pins and link plates that are thicker than those found in standard roller chains. The result is a chain that is capable of withstanding heavy loads without stretching or breaking.

Overall, leaf chains are a reliable and durable option for a wide range of industrial and automotive applications. Whether you're looking to lift heavy loads, move materials through a conveyor system, or ensure precise timing in a critical automotive component, a leaf chain can provide the strength, durability, and performance you need.

Leaf Chains Product Parameters

Drive chains, Conveyor chains, Engineering chains, Agricultural chains, Traction chains, Escalator chains
Drive chain
Short pitch precision roller chain (A series, B series, Hevey duty series roller chain) 

High strength short pitch roller chains
Corrosion resistant short pitch roller chain
Self-lubrication roller chain
O-Ring chains
Oil filed chains
Heavy duty cranked-link transmission chains
Double pitch transmission chains
Inverted tooth chains
Motorcycle chains
Other (Driver chains)
Conveyor chains
Conveying roller chains

Rubber attached plate chains
Printing iron drying room line chains
Double hinged conveyor chains
Metric (M type) conveyor chains
FV series conveyor chains
Wooden conveyor chains
Chains for food packaging machinery
Conveyor chains for paper roll
Engineering chains
Conveying chains for cement industry

Scraper conveyor chains
Conveyor chains for coal washer
Rubber gloves carrier chains
Steel sleeve chain for engineering
Welded-steel-type mill chains
Sugar machine chains
Conveyor chains for steel mill
Agricultural chains
Agricultural machinery drive chains

Steel pintle chains
ZGS38 combine harvester chains
Rice harvester chains
S type C type
Steel roller chains
Traction chains
Plate chains

Leaf chains for sky stacker
Traction chains
Escalator chains
Escalator step chains

Escalator driver chains
40Mn, 45Mn, SS316, SS304, SS201

Leaf Chains Benefits

Strength: Leaf chains are very strong and can withstand high loads.

Durability: Leaf chains are made from high-quality materials and are designed to last.

Versatility: Leaf chains can be used in a variety of applications.

Low maintenance: Leaf chains require little maintenance and are easy to clean.

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Worm Shaft Applications



Worm shafts are used in elevators to transmit motion from the motor to the elevator car. This allows the elevator car to move in a precise and controlled manner, which helps to ensure the safety of the passengers.

Medical equipment

Worm shafts are used in medical equipment to transmit motion from a motor to a medical device. This allows the medical device to operate in a precise and controlled manner, which helps to ensure the safety of the patient.

Machine tools

Worm shafts are used in machine tools to transmit motion from the motor to the cutting tool. This allows the cutting tool to move in a precise and controlled manner.


Conveyor belts

Worm shafts are used in conveyor belts to transmit motion from the motor to the conveyor belt. This allows the conveyor belt to move in a precise and controlled manner, which helps to ensure that the materials are transported efficiently.

Wind turbines

Worm shafts are used in wind turbines to transmit motion from the wind turbine’s blades to the generator. This allows the generator to generate electricity in a precise and controlled manner.


Worm shafts are used in robotics to transmit motion from the robot’s controller to the robot’s actuators. This allows the robot to move in a precise and controlled manner.