Excavator Lower Bottom Roller for Daewoo Sumitomo Sh450 Crawler Track Parts

Excavator Lower Bottom Roller for Daewoo Sumitomo Sh450 Crawler Track Parts

Sumitomo crawler excavator and dozer SH120 SH450 undercarriage areas observe reduced roller

Excavator Keep track of roller has distinct names bottom roller and reduced roller, it can be utilized for crawler equipment excavator and dozer undercarriage, these kinds of as CZPT,CZPT, Hitachi,Doosan, Volvo,Kobelco,Daewoo,JCB, John Deere,Kubota,Hyundai,Sumitomo,Kato,Fiat-Hitachi,Samsung,Liebherr, and so on.
Monitor roller is quite critical for construction equipment, they are accountable to assist the weight of machinery, so higher good quality observe roller is very important in building functioning. 

     HangCZPT CZPT CZPT Co., Minimal
Merchandise Title Sumitomo excavator undercarriage spare parts keep track of roller/reduced roller/base roller
Generation CZPT ITM generation common & OEM installment measurement
Substance 50Mn/40MnB/42MnB
Finish Sleek
Painting Color Black or yellow
Approach Forging & casting
Surface Hardness HRC52-fifty eight, Depth:8mm-12mm
Quality Guarantee One particular Year
Certification CZPT-9002
Supply Time Within 10–20 days soon after progress payment acquire
Package Fumigate seaworthy packing and Export CZPT Deal
Payment Phrase TT, L/C, Paypal, Western union,D/P
Business Scope excavator and dozer undercarriage areas, G.E.T, CZPT spare elements,underground engage equipment, and many others


Our Keep track of Roller benefit(Why Pick ours)
1.Good lubricated oil recycle system 
two. High hardness :HRC52-58,deepth:8mm-12mm 
three. Deep hardened wear surface 
four. Very good bronze bushings
five.Rigorous High quality Manage
6.OEM mounting dimension
7.Certificated by CZPT:2008
eight.Make as for every client’s samples,styles and drawings

Excavator and dozer undercarriage areas creation workshop

Undercarriage observe components checklist

CZPT excavator keep track of roller part amount and Berco numbder checklist

Rollers(CR=, SF=Solitary Flange, DF=CZPT Flange)
Application  Usco Portion No  Pos  Different Nos.  Berco Ref  ITM Ref  Notes 
CZPT Bulldozers 
D3, D3B, 931  6S3607  SF  3T4352  CR3000  A57130A0M00   
6S3608  DF  3T4353  CR3001  B57130A0M00   
6S3609  CR    CR3002  C5713100N00   
D4D, D4E, 933  9P7783  SF  1181608, 7K8095, 6T9887  CR1328  A5714000M00   
9P7787  DF  1181609, 7K8096, 6T9883  CR1329  B5714000M00    
6K9879  CR  6K9880  CR2880  C5714100M00    
D5M, D4H, 943  1248237 SF  7G4836  CR6150  A57140L0M00  With Collars 
1248240 DF  7G4837  CR6151  B57140L0M00  With Collars 
6K9879  CR  6K9880  CR2880  C5714100M00    
D6M, D5B,D5H, 955H/K & 953  1210824 SF  9P1368, 6T9879, 9S9539  CR6152  A57150L1M00  With Collars 
121 0571 DF  9P1363, 6T9875, 9S9538  CR6153  B57150L1M00  With Collars 
9S3570  CR  5A8374  CR2881  C5715100M00  For D5B, 953 
6Y3908  CR    CR4799  C57151H0M00  For 5H, D6M 
D6H, D6R, 963  125716 SF  7T4102, 1254175  CR6088  A57160L0M00  With Collars 
125716 DF  7T4107, 1254176  CR6089  B57160L0M00  With Collars 
6Y1781  CR    CR4800  C57161H0M00   
D6D  7G571  SF  1181617, 9G8571  CR3634  A57160D0M00  ¾” Coll Bolts 
7G0423  DF  1181618, 9G8034  CR3635  B57160D0M00  ¾” Coll Bolts 
9S2730  CR  3T3206  CR2650  C5716100M00    
D6C, 955K/L  9S9403  DF  1181614, 6Y2901, 9G8099  CR1793  A5716000M00  five/8″ Coll Bolts 
9S9404  DF  1181615, 6Y2903, 9G8098  CR1792  B5716000M00  5/eight” Coll Bolts 
9S2730  CR  3T3206  CR2650  C5716100M00    
D7H, D7R  1248250 SF  9W5586, 6T9871  With Collars 
1248253 DF  9W5585, 6T9867  With Collars 
9M0638  CR  1P8717  CR2876  C5717100M00    
D7F,D7G,977L  9S 0571   SF  1181623, 4S9051  CR2617  A57170A0M00  7/eight” Coll. Bolts 
9S 0571   DF  1181625, 8S2933  CR2615  B57170A0M00  seven/8″ Coll. Bolts 
9M0638  CR  1P8717  CR2876  C5717100M00    
D7E  9S7284  SF  1P9100, 9S7388  CR1652/1  A107001M00  ¾” Bolts 
9S7286  DF  1P9102, 9S7387  CR1652/2  B107001M00  ¾” Bolts 
9M0638  CR  1P8717  CR2876  C5717100M00    
D8N  1969947 SF  9W8705, 1327928, 7T9188  CR4528  A57189L1M00   
1969946 DF  9W8706, 1327929, 7T9193  CR4529  B57189L1M00   
D8L  9W7826  SF  7G7594  CR4504  A57189L1M00   
9W7827  DF  7G7559  CR4056  B57189L1M00   
D8K  7S9041  SF  6P4897  CR2798  A5718000M00  1″ Coll. Bolts 
7S9042  DF  6P4898  CR2782  B5718000M00  1″ Coll. Bolts 
9P2663  CR  8M0380, 7M5202, 8P6256  CR3512  C5718100M00   
D9N  7T1258  SF  157195, 1969955  CR4672  A57199N1M00   
7T1253  DF  157196, 1969954  CR4673  B57199N1M00   
D9L  6Y2950  SF  7T1831, 9G8641  CR4234  A57199LAM00   
6Y2951  DF  9G8642  CR3756  B57199LAM00   
D9H  8P5605  SF  7S7672  CR4291  A57190C0M00   
8P5604  DF  7S7673  CR4292  B57190C0M00   
7M5288  CR  3P3403  CR3518  C57191E0M00   
D10N  7T0682  SF  6Y0889, 1253268  CR5041  A01109NCM00   
7T0687  DF  6Y571, 1253270  CR5043  B01109NCM00   
CZPT Excavators 
320 1175045 SF  8E5034, 1634143  CR5572  A7820000M00  Also E200 
8E5600  CR    CR5592  C7825710M00  Also E200 
322 1634145 SF  6I9396  CR5726  A0122000M00   
325 1175046 SF  6Y1057, 1634147  CR5525  A01250C0M00   
6Y5323  CR  6Y8080, 6Y8227  CR5595  C0125100M00   
330 1175047 SF  6Y2795, 1634149,fifteen 0571 7  CR5897  A0130000M00   
6Y5323  CR  6Y8080, 6Y8227  CR5595  C0125100M00   
340, 345  1787293 SF  1524128, 1486522  CR6590   
1247280 CR    CR6596   
350 189571 SF 1524129 CR6401     
8E4623  CR    CR6400     
307, 307B  1273806 SF     
1571076 CR         
312, 311  1519747 SF  4I7346, 861934  CR5108   
4I7345   CR  990178, 990179       
215, 225  7T6394  SF  8E5745  PC395  A3208000M00   
219, 225  8E4573  SF  9W6789  CJ5110  A0125000M00   
205  (B4)  8E7494  SF  7T6395, 5W4144  PC377  A1404000M00  

CZPT excavator and dozer reduce observe roller component number and Berco quantity list

Rollers(CR=carrier roller, SF=Single Flange track roller, DF=CZPT Flange observe roller)      
CZPT Bulldozers 
Application  Usco Part No  Pos  Substitute Nos.  Berco Ref  ITM Ref  Notes 
D40, D50  one hundred forty-30-00053  SF  131-thirty-000343  KM859  A4060000M00   
140-thirty-00063  DF  131-thirty-00571  KM860  B4060000M00   
141-thirty-00073  CR    KM103  C4065710M00   
D65  141-30-0571  SF  141-30-0571,- 0571   KM868  A4065000M00   
141-thirty-00585  DF  141-thirty-00586,-00588  KM869  B4065000M00   
141-thirty- 0571   CR  141-30-00565,-00568  KM118  C40651A0M00   
D65E-twelve D65EX-12  14X-30-00081  SF  14X-thirty-00082,-14100  KM2101  A40650E0M00   
14X-thirty-00091  DF  14X-30-00092,-14200  KM2102  B40650E0M00   
14X-thirty-00142  CR  14X-30-00140,-00141  KM2105  C40651E0M00   
D85  one hundred fifty five-30-00126  SF  155-thirty-05710, -00127  KM351  A40850A0M00   
155-thirty-00116  DF  155-thirty-05710,-00117  KM353  B40850A0M00   
155-thirty-5713  CR  155-30-5712,-5714  KM120  C4571A0M00   
D155-1 D155-2  175-thirty-0571  SF  175-thirty-00484,-00489  KM122  A4015000M00   
one hundred seventy five-30- 0571   DF  175-thirty-00494,-00499  KM123  B4015000M00   
one hundred seventy five-thirty-0571  CR  175-30-0571,-0571  KM124  C40151G0M00  Also D155AX-3 
D155-3 D155AX-3  17A-thirty-00070  SF    KM2265  A40159D0M00   
17A-thirty-00080  DF    KM2266  B40159D0M00   
D355  195-thirty-0571  SF  195-thirty-00336  KM926  A4 0571 00M00   
195-30-00345  DF  195-thirty-00346  KM927  B4 0571 00M00   
195-thirty-5715  CR  195-30-5716  KM578  C457100M00   
D275  17M-thirty-05710  SF         
17M-30-5710  DF         
195-thirty- 0571   CR    KM2160    Also PC650-5 
D375A-1  195-30- 0571   SF  195-thirty- 0571   KM1039     
195-30-0571  DF  195-thirty-0571  KM1040     
195-thirty- 0571   CR         
D375A-2/3  195-30-57151  SF  195-30-57111,-57110  KM1272  A457100M00   
195-30-57161  DF  195-30-57121,-57120  KM1279  B457100M00   
195-30-57141  CR  195-thirty-57140  KM1281  C457100M00   
CZPT Excavators 
PC60-five/ 6  201-30-5710  SF  201-thirty-5711  KM1690     
PC75, PC95  (B1)  VA380  SF    VA380  A14571B1M00   
B14571B1M00  DF      B14571B1M00   
PC100-one hundred twenty FAI  203-thirty-05712  SF  20E-30-K1580  KM1705  A40120A0M00   
PC120-5  203-thirty-5710  CR  203-30-00150  KM2794  C4012000M00   
PC200-two/three/5/6 PC220-2/three/5/six PC210-6  205-30-K1200  CR  20Y-30-00571,-00571  KM1640  C45711A0M00   
205-30-00171  SF 205-thirty-00172,-76101
KM1179  A45710F0M00  PC200-2 & PC220-2 
20Y-thirty-00011  SF  20Y-30-00112,
KM1428  A45710E0M00  PC200-3/5/six PC220-3/five/six PC210-6 
PC300-3/5  207-thirty-15102  CR 208-thirty-00320
KM1817  C40301B0M00  & PC400-5 
207-thirty-00150  SF    KM1429  A40300B0M00   
PC400-3/5  208-30-05710  SF    KM1743  A4040000M00   
PC650-5  209-30-00191  SF  209-thirty-00121  KM2143   
PC1000  21N-thirty-0571  SF    KM2503     
21N-thirty-00030  CR       

1.What HangCZPT CZPT CZPT Co.,Minimal offer?
  We largely source crawler excavator and dozer undercarriage parts, such as Keep track of roller, Carrier roller, Sprocket, Loafer,CZPTil spring assy, Track chain, Observe shoe, Monitor bolt&nut,Observe chain guard, Excavator bucket,Bucket teeth&adaptor, Bucket Link,Cutting Edge and End Bits,Grader blades,growth cylinder,arm cylinder,bucket cylinder,Bucket pin&bush,Slewing CZPT, Prolonged reach increase and arm, and so on.

two.How to affirm the spare components will in shape our crawler excavator and dozer?
  Remember to deliver us your excavator and dozer design name, component number, Berco number, or technological drawings and proportions

three.How about the development machinery excavator and dozer undercarriage components High quality Control?
  We have an superb QC system, the QC crew will examine every creation procedure,good quality and specification, to be sure ideal high quality and right size, untill packages concluded and loaded into container.

4.What is the payment phrase?
 TT, L/C, Paypal, Western Union, other payment expression also can be negotiated.

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Excavator Lower Bottom Roller for Daewoo Sumitomo Sh450 Crawler Track Parts