CNC High Speed Plates Drill Machine

CNC High Speed Plates Drill Machine

Applicable Industry:
Mainly utilised for drilling tube plate, clapboard, flange and massive plate in petrochemical, boiler, wind electricity, flange industries and also for connection plates in constructing, bridge, heat exchange, iron tower industries.

Product function:
1. Hefty-load linear roller guide pairs are outfitted on two sides of the equipment mattress respectively. The longitudinal motion of the gantry’s two sides is pushed synchronously through AC servo motor and specific ballscrew pair of massive pitch.
two. Two movable slides are outfitted on the cross beam of gantry. The sliders are guided by two linear roller information pairs and driven by AC servo motor and precise ballscrew pair of big pitch respectively.
3. The slides on the cross beam are outfitted with vertical CNC feeding ram-type drilling spindle, which adopts special conversion motor with heavy load for spindle. The motor drives the spindle by means of synchronous belt. The drilling spindle adopts ZheJiang precision spindle (innercooling) with disk spring computerized broach system, hydraulic cylinder loosing cutter, extremely handy to adjust shank.
four. The equipment is outfitted with hydraulic method to end the hydraulic harmony of vertical ram and hydraulic cutter loosing of spindle.
five. It adopts FAGOR8055 CNC program of Spain, equipped with RS232 interface and Lcd display. The automated programming presented can not only produce processing applications routinely, but also preview hole position before drilling.
6.It is equipped with chain-plate type automated chip-conveyor and chip assortment trolley. The cooling technique is outfitted with paper filer, substantial-stress innercooling pump and lower-force outercooling pump, which are used for innercooling or outercooling of cutter.


Design TPHD2571 TPHD2525 TPHD3030
Max. workpiece size 2000x2000mm 2500x2500mm 3000x3000mm
Max thickness 250mm
Operate table Width of T slot 28/500mm
Vertical slide type drill head Amount One particular or much more (By customer’s ask for)
Principal spindle taper hole BT50
Max drill diameter(widespread carbon metal) φ40mm (Carbide drill)
φ50mm (High speed metal twist drill)
Principal spindle velocity 30-3000r/min
Motor energy of spindle 22kW
(X axis)
Gantry longitudinal shift
Max. stroke 2000mm 2500mm 3000mm
Moving speed of X axis -8m/min
Servo motor electrical power of X axis/torque 3kW/28.4Nm
(Y axis)
Power head transversal shift
Max stroke 2000mm 2500mm 3000mm
Shifting pace of Y axis -8m/min
Servo motor power of Y axis/torque 3kW/28.4Nm
(Z axis)
Vertical slider feeding
Stroke of Z axis 500mm
Feeding velocity of Z axis -5m/min
Servo motor power of Z axis/torque 3kW/28.4Nm
Positioning precision  X/Y axis ≤0.08mm/ Complete duration
Re-positioning precision X/Y axis ≤0.04mm
CZPT system CZPT pump stress/flow rate six.5MPa /25L/min
CZPT pump motor electricity 3kW
Pneumatic system Compressed air strain ≥0.4MPa
Scrap cleaner and cooling   Scrap cleaner type Plate chain kind
Qty. scrap cleaner  one
Scrap cleaner speed 1m/min
Motor power of scrap cleaner .75kW
Motor electricity of inner cooling h2o pump 3kW
Motor power of Outer  cooling water pump .75kW
Computerized lubricating system Lubrication stress 2MPa
Lubrication level oil injecting sum .1mL
Lubrication interval 6-10min
CZPT system CNC technique FAGOR8055 or SIEMENS
CNC axis NO. 4
Overall dimensions LxWxH About 5.2X5.1×3.6m About 5.7X5.6X3.6m About 6.2X6.1X3.6m
Excess weight   About 30t About 35t About 40t

   Main Components Checklist:

NO. merchandise product Company
Main electric powered factors
1 CNC system 8055 Spain FAGOR
two Servo motor MGMA302P1G Panasonic
  Servo driver MFDDTB32A
3 Servo motor MGMA302P1H
  Servo driver MFDDTB32A
4 Variable frequency motor for spindle YPNC-fifty-22-4-B/B5 ZheJiang Senlima
five frequency transducer of spindle 22kw Germany Siemens
six lower-voltage apparatus ALL German SIEMENS or France
seven Company pc Lcd China Lenovo
eight Proximity switch Usually open AUTONICS
nine Typically shut
Primary hydraulic elements
one magnetic valve All ATOS Italy
2 CZPT cutter receding cylinder H1000(S=20) ZheJiang
principal mechanical components
one spindle BT50 ZheJiang KENTURN/ ZheJiang Xutai
2 Power head bearing All Japan NSK
three ball-screw All ZheJiang HIWIN or TBI
4 CZPT manual X/Y axis ZheJiang HIWIN or PMI
5 CZPT guide Z axis Switzerland SCHNEEBERGER
six cable drag chain All Germany IGUS

CZPT Components Checklist

No. Identify Model Qty. Remark
Circumstance 1
one Proximity swap Regular open 1 AUTONICS
2 Proximity swap Regular near 1 AUTONICS
three Indexable insert drill 880-D2500L25-05 one SANDVIK
four Indexable heart blade 880-05 03 05H-C-GM 1044 5 SANDVIK
5 Indexable surrounding blade 880-05 03 W05H-P-GM 4571 five SANDVIK
6 Unique screw for blade   one SANDVIK
seven Little bit extension A2B27-50 twenty five 090 one SANDVIK
8 CZPT collet A2B14-fifty 25 a hundred 1 SANDVIK
nine CZPT jacket 393.fourteen-twenty five 120 one SANDVIK
10 BT Indirect shank drill sleeve BT50xMT4 1 Created IN CHINA
11 HSS twist drill ¢50 one Manufactured IN CHINA
12 Carbide-tipped milling cutter ¢12 one Produced IN CHINA
13 Pop-rivet BT50, 45°center cooling 2 Made IN CHINA
fourteen Pop-rivet BT50, 45° two Made IN CHINA
fifteen Photoelectric edge finder OP-twenty 1 ZheJiang SYIC
sixteen BT/ER stop mill chuck BT50x ER32-eighty 1 ZheJiang SYIC
17 CZPT jacket ER32-twenty one ZheJiang SYIC
eighteen Socket head wrench   1 set WALTON
19 Adjustable spanner 300mm 1 WALTON
20 Spanner 17-19 1 WALTON
21 Screwdriver 1 WALTON
22 Screwdriver + 1 WALTON
23 Standby paint Yellow, grey two  
24 Air gun   one  
twenty five Procedure handbook   1  
26 FAGOR 8055 procedure manual   1  
27 FAGOR 8055 programming handbook   one  
28 FAGOR 8055 error troubleshooting guide   1  
29 Packing listing   one  
30 Certification of conformity   1  
31 CZPT elements listing   1  
Circumstance 2
1 Contour block 150 mm x100 mm x50 mm 15  
two T block M20 ten  
three Urgent plate   10  
four CZPT end stud M20,300mm five  
5 CZPT end stud M20,400mm 5  
six Hex nut M20 twenty  
Case three
1 Ground anchor B2, 450mm eight  
2 Floor anchor go over plate   8  
3 Ground anchor spanner   1set  
4 Adjustable pad metal S85-two(200mmx100mmx80mm), M16 twenty sets  
5 Basis bolt M24x500(GB/T 799) twenty  
6 Hex nut M24 forty  
seven Side leading-plate 12  
8 Hex screw M20x100 twelve  
nine Hex nut M20 twelve  

CNC High Speed Plates Drill Machine