China manufacturer Planetary Dc Motor with Best Sales

Ever-Power DC Planetary gearmotors are an inline option for low speed, high torque, and/or variable load requirements. These gear motors are designed for intermittent duty operation because the planetary gearbox configuration provides the highest efficiency and best output torque of all our speed reducers. DC motors combined with planetary gear reducers are ideal for equipment in the agricultural and construction industries. With 18 ratio options ranging from 5:1 to 1000:1, we have a DC planetary gearmotor solution to fit your needs.

For a smaller footprint and quieter gearbox design, look for our I-series Planetary gearmotors. Frame sizes 52cm, 62cm, and 81cm, 12 ratios ranging from 5:1 to 308:1.



1/25 to 3/8 HP

12, 24, 90, 130, 180VDC, 115 FWR

.5 – 475 RPM

3.5 – 950 in-lb rated torque

Frame Size 60, 80, 108 mm

5:1 – 1000:1 standard ratios

Standard brush life of 2000+ hours (varies by application)

With an extended selection of high-quality Brush DC Planetary Gearmotors, Ever-Power offers a cost-effective solution for your automation requirements. The product line includes motor frame sizes ranging from 22mm to 60mm, gear ratios ranging from 3.6:1 to 720:1 and continuous torque of up to 4,166 oz-in! Developed for high-volume OEM applications, Brush DC Planetary Gearmotors will provide a cost-effective solution, never sacrificing quality of system performance.

The BDPG 12 Series was designed for high volume OEM applications with low cost being the primary objective. These reliable low cost Brush DC Planetary Gearmotors come in 2 different voltage levels and sizes that will be sure to fit your needs. The motors are fully reversible. The BDPG 12 Series is a cost-effective solution to manage motion control in many rotary applications including medical, semiconductor, pumps, robotics, hobby, CNC, and many other applications where a low cost Brush DC Planetary Gearmotor is needed.

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