China Good quality Al Series Leaf Chain for Forklift Trucks and Material Handling

Product Description

Product Description

AL Series leaf chains are manufactured in accordance with ANSI leaf chain specification dimensions and are considered to be the modern-day “lighter” duty of leaf chains. AL leaf chains were the first series of ANSI leaf chains around and are still utilized today in many lifting applications due to the space-saving high-strength lifting design and nature of this chain. What puts our selection of leaf chains in another class of their own is the utilization of high-strength hardened pins, heat-treated plates, and shot-peened components. The chain is also factory pre-stressed to reduce initial install stretching.

Product Parameters


AL Series Leaf Chains Size Chart

Chain Size Lacing Pitch (P) Min. Tensile Strength Weight (Per Ft) Pin Diameter (D) Pin Length (L) Plate Height Plate Thickness (T)
AL322 2X2 0.375″ 2,045 lbs 0.2 lbs 0.141″ 0.27″ 0.30″ 0.051″
AL344 4X4 0.375″ 4,090 lbs 0.3 lbs 0.141″ 0.46″ 0.30″ 0.051″
AL422 2X2 0.500″ 3,205 lbs 0.3 lbs 0.156″ 0.33″ 0.41″ 0.059″
AL444 4X4 0.500″ 6,409 lbs 0.5 lbs 0.156″ 0.57″ 0.41″ 0.059″
AL466 6X6 0.500″ 9,614 lbs 0.8 lbs 0.156″ 0.81″ 0.41″ 0.059″
AL522 2X2 0.625″ 5,000 lbs 0.4 lbs 0.200″ 0.44″ 0.50″ 0.080″
AL534 3X4 0.625″ 7,500 lbs 0.7 lbs 0.200″ 0.67″ 0.50″ 0.080″
AL544 4X4 0.625″ 10,000 lbs 0.8 lbs 0.200″ 0.76″ 0.50″ 0.080″
AL566 6X6 0.625″ 15,000 lbs 1.2 lbs 0.200″ 1.08″ 0.50″ 0.080″
AL622 2X2 0.750″ 8,409 lbs 0.6 lbs 0.234″ 0.51″ 0.61″ 0.095″
AL644 4X4 0.750″ 14,450 lbs 1.2 lbs 0.234″ 0.89″ 0.61″ 0.095″
AL666 6X6 0.750″ 22,750 lbs 1.8 lbs 0.234″ 1.27″ 0.61″ 0.095″
AL688 8X8 0.750″ 30,317 lbs 2.4 lbs 0.234″ 1.66″ 0.61″ 0.095″
AL822 2X2 1.000″ 12,886 lbs 1.0 lbs 0.312″ 0.63″ 0.81″ 0.128″
AL844 4X4 1.000″ 25,773 lbs 2.0 lbs 0.312″ 1.16″ 0.81″ 0.128″
AL866 6X6 1.000″ 38,636 lbs 3.0 lbs 0.312″ 1.74″ 0.81″ 0.128″
AL1571 2X2 1.250″ 20,114 lbs 1.6 lbs 0.375″ 0.77″ 1.01″ 0.157″
AL1044 4X4 1.250″ 40,227 lbs 3.1 lbs 0.375″ 1.43″ 1.01″ 0.157″
AL1066 6X6 1.250″ 60,227 lbs 4.8 lbs 0.375″ 2.06″ 1.01″ 0.157″
AL1088 8X8 1.250″ 80,454 lbs 6.7 lbs 0.375″ 2.70″ 1.01″ 0.157″
AL1222 2X2 1.500″ 28,864 lbs 2.5 lbs 0.437″ 0.96″ 1.20″ 0.189″
AL1244 4X4 1.500″ 57,727 lbs 4.7 lbs 0.437″ 1.72″ 1.20″ 0.189″
AL1266 6X6 1.500″ 86,591 lbs 7.1 lbs 0.437″ 2.49″ 1.20″ 0.189″
AL1288 8X8 1.500″ 115,450 lbs 9.4 lbs 0.437″ 3.25″ 1.20″ 0.189″
AL1444 4X4 1.750″ 84,705 lbs 7.0 lbs 0.498″ 2.02″ 1.43″ 0.220″
AL1466 6X6 1.750″ 127,045 lbs 10.2 lbs 0.498″ 2.94″ 1.43″ 0.220″
AL1644 4X4 2.000″ 107,045 lbs 8.7 lbs 0.559″ 2.28″ 1.64″ 0.252″
AL1666 6X6 2.000″ 160,454 lbs 13.3 lbs 0.559″ 3.30″ 1.64″ 0.252″
AL1688 8X8 2.000″ 214,090 lbs 17.1 lbs 0.559″ 4.31″ 1.64″ 0.252″


Company Profile

The company has advanced manufacturing technology and relatively strong manufacturing force, and high-end precision testing instruments to ensure that every chain leaving the factory is qualified. The company mainly deals in: transmission chain, transmission chain, lifting chain, agricultural machinery chain, stainless steel chain, etc. Various non-standard chains are ordered separately. The company uses more than 600 kinds of non-standard molds. It can be customized according to drawings. We implement all-round management and control over product quality and service, and constantly improve customer satisfaction. The chain produced by the company enjoys a certain reputation in the world with its high quality, good reputation and high-quality service.

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The chain types are divided into engineering chain, conveying chain, plate chain, transmission chain, escalator chain, parking equipment chain, agricultural chain, stainless steel chain, etc. There are different types of chains with different purposes, specifications, models and styles. 

Plate chain type Plate chain is usually used to lift goods. For example, forklift, lifting machinery and equipment. Plate chain has no rollers, but chain plates are connected with each other. It is a kind of chain used for loading. Different types of plate chains have different functions, Stainless steel chain Stainless steel chain types include standard stainless steel chain, stainless steel hollow pin chain, stainless steel chain used for environmental protection equipment, etc,
Type of transmission chain Many types of transmission chains are power transmission chains, such as precision roller chains, double pitch roller chains, high-strength short pitch precision roller chains, petroleum chains, pumping unit chains, self-lubricating roller chains, side bending (turning machine) chains, corrosion resistant chains, etc There are many types of escalator chains, including escalator step chains, heavy-duty high gradient escalator step chains, travelator chains, and escalator chains of different specifications and models,


The engineering chain includes many kinds of chains, such as cement bucket elevators, environmental protection equipment, pavers, trenchers, welding equipment, mining, power plant dust removal and other equipment.
Agricultural machinery chain Agricultural machinery chain is a chain developed and produced according to the characteristics of different crops, including rice harvester chain, GS38 combine chain, corn harvester chain, citrus straw harvester chain, soybean harvester chain, peanut harvesting chain, garlic sowing chain, and potato planter chain.
There are many types of conveying chains, such as wood conveying chain, double speed chain, RF conveying chain, sharp tooth chain, sugar chain, brown oil chain, F chain, metric conveying chain, top roller conveying chain, grain scraper, hollow pin, suspension conveying, etc. The conveying chain is a power chain for transporting goods. Parking equipment chain This type of chain includes roller chains for parking equipment, chains for vertical circulation parking equipment, and parking equipment chains that can be developed according to demand.

We not only produce chains and transmissions, including gear boxes, sprockets, gears, racks, couplings and other products, but also supply them to meet your one-stop purchase. Welcome to consult us


Packaging & Shipping



Usage: Transmission Chain, Drag Chain, Conveyor Chain, Dedicated Special Chain
Material: Iron
Surface Treatment: Oil Blooming
Feature: Oil Resistant
Chain Size: 1/2"*3/32"
Structure: Roller Chain
US$ 9999/Piece
1 Piece(Min.Order)

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leaf chain

Can leaf chains be used in aerial work platforms and scissor lifts?

Yes, leaf chains are commonly used in aerial work platforms and scissor lifts for their reliable lifting capabilities and durability. Aerial work platforms and scissor lifts are equipment designed to elevate workers or materials to various heights, and they require robust and safe lifting mechanisms.

Leaf chains are well-suited for these applications because:

1. High Load Capacity: Leaf chains are capable of handling heavy loads, making them ideal for lifting platforms with varying weight requirements.

2. Strength and Reliability: In aerial work platforms, safety is paramount, and leaf chains are known for their strength and reliability, providing secure lifting operations.

3. Simple Construction: Leaf chains have a simple construction with fewer moving parts, reducing the risk of mechanical failures and simplifying maintenance.

4. Compact Design: The compact design of leaf chains allows them to fit into the limited space available in scissor lift and aerial work platform mechanisms.

5. Cost-Effective: Leaf chains offer a cost-effective solution for lifting applications compared to other more complex lifting systems.

However, it’s essential to ensure that the leaf chains are regularly inspected and properly maintained to ensure safe and efficient operation. Regular lubrication and inspection of the chain and sprockets are crucial to extending the chain’s lifespan and preventing unexpected failures.

In conclusion, leaf chains are a suitable and widely used choice for aerial work platforms and scissor lifts due to their strength, reliability, and cost-effectiveness. When correctly selected and maintained, they provide a safe and efficient lifting solution for various applications in construction, maintenance, and material handling industries.

leaf chain

How do leaf chains handle wear and tear in continuous lifting operations?

Leaf chains are designed to handle continuous lifting operations and are known for their durability and resistance to wear and tear. However, like all mechanical components, leaf chains are subject to stress and fatigue during continuous lifting operations. Here are some ways leaf chains handle wear and tear:

  • High-Quality Materials: Leaf chains are typically made from high-quality alloy steel that provides excellent tensile strength and wear resistance. The choice of materials ensures that the chain can withstand the repetitive stress of continuous lifting without premature failure.
  • Proper Lubrication: Regular and proper lubrication is crucial for reducing friction and wear between the chain’s components. Adequate lubrication helps to minimize metal-to-metal contact and prevents premature wear.
  • Proper Tension: Maintaining the correct tension in the leaf chain is essential for its longevity. Over-tensioning or under-tensioning the chain can lead to accelerated wear and fatigue failure. Regular tension adjustments and inspections are necessary to ensure optimal performance.
  • Inspections and Maintenance: Continuous lifting operations put stress on the leaf chain, making it essential to perform regular inspections. Identifying any signs of wear, corrosion, or damage early allows for timely maintenance or replacement, minimizing the risk of unexpected failures.

Leaf chains are often used in heavy-duty lifting equipment and industrial applications where continuous lifting is required. Manufacturers and operators must follow proper maintenance schedules, adhere to recommended operating parameters, and use the chain within its load capacity to ensure its longevity and safe operation in continuous lifting operations.

China Good quality Al Series Leaf Chain for Forklift Trucks and Material Handling  China Good quality Al Series Leaf Chain for Forklift Trucks and Material Handling
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