Bakery Deck Oven From China for Sale

Bakery Deck Oven From China for Sale

Bakery gear deck oven

Merchandise description

Employed for a large amount of quickly foodstuff baking, utilize to foodstuff factory, big chain shops and other massive quantities of baking. 
Available for foodstuff: Moon cake, toast, all sorts of bread, hamburg, all types of snacks, biscuits, meat, and many others. 

one. Exceptional steel CZPT any deformation under higher temperature
two. Heating wire imported from JAPAN with internet sort distribution to make sure fireplace uniform(gasoline baking in igniter, ITALY processing, rapidly warming up and uniform fireplace)
three. There are two differnet handle panels, manual and digital. HALOGEN lamp constructed-in for every single deck to ensure powerful function lights and tough
4. It has a specially made base body and fireplace sturcture with excellent warmth insulation performance, make fulluse of power and frevent heat reduction
five. Luxurious look.

Specification of EECTRIC DECK OVEN Series:

Design Specification Dimension(mm) Chamber size N.W (kg) Voltage Power
N-905 5 decks 5 trays 780x1015x1730 420x620x150 four hundred 380V 14KW
N-901 1 deck 1 tray  780x1015x300 420x620x150 eighty 220V two.8KW
N-502 2 decks 4 trays 1360x1140x1160 890x715x240 450 380V 11KW
N-503 3 decks 6 trays 1360x1030x1745 890x715x240 620 380V sixteen.5KW
N-603T 3 decks 9 trays T Type 1490x1215x1745 1571x895x240 730 380V 21KW
N-603S 3 decks 9 trays S Type 1770x1030x1745 1300x715x240 730 380V 24KW
N-603F 3 decks 12 trays 1770X1215x1745 1300x895x240 800 380V 27KW
N-603A three decks fifteen trays  2190x1215x1745 1300x1075x240 920 380V 33KW

Specification of Fuel Deck Oven:

Design Specification Dimension(mm) Chamber dimensions N.W (kg) Voltage Electrical power
N-803E 3 decks six trays 1360x1030x1745 890x715x240 650 220V .5KW
N-803T three decks 9 trays T Type 1490x1215x1745 1571x895x240 770 220V .5KW
N-803S 3 decks 9 trays S Type 1770x1030x1745 1300x715x240 770 220V .5KW
N-803F three decks 12 trays 1770X1215x1745 1300x895x240 850 220V .5KW
N-803A 3 decks 15 trays 2190x1215x1745 1300x1075x240 980 220V .5KW

Bakery equipment deck oven 3 decks 6 trays N-503

Bakery tools deck oven 2 decks 4 trays N-502

Bakery products deck oven 3 decks 15 trays N-603A

Bakery products deck oven 4 decks 16 trays N-604F

Bakery products deck oven digigal and manual controller for select:

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Why choose us :

   First: We are specialist manufacturer of bakery equipment, and our engineer was the engineer of SINMAG which is the leading top quality of bakery tools. And we are creating the exact same quality with 90% identical spare parts as SINMAG, but price tag is significantly cheaper. 
   Second: We have 
substantial productiveness, and can shipping regular goods in 7 days. 

  Third: Individually, I have been in bakery business considering that 2009, and I am specialist and know well of China bakery market, also it will be my honor if any other foods machinery I can do for you. 

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Bakery Deck Oven From China for Sale