3ton Low Headroom Chain Electric Hoist

3ton Low Headroom Chain Electric Hoist

 Specialized In CZPTized Style Manufacture 

  1. &period We are Company of ELK CZPT CZPT &colon– Substantial Quality &sol High Safety &colon

  Our Company &colonZHangCZPTg CZPT CZPTing CZPT Co&period&commaLtd is First Maker Manufacturing facility &interval

two&period of time&period Standard Description of ELK CZPT Chain CZPT &colon High Quality &sol Large Basic safety &colon

ELK® CZPT Chain CZPT Basic Description&colon
&lpar1&rpar&period Products Identify &colon CZPT Chain CZPT with Fixed Hook
Sort&colon HKD00501S
Ability&colon &period5T
Raise Peak&colon 3m
&lpar2&rpar&interval Materials &colon Aluminum&interval Metal &semi
&lpar3&rpar&time period Software &colon Overhead Crane&commaLift Tools&commaCargo Carry&commaWind Energy Assignments&comma And so on&interval&semi
&lpar4&rpar&period of time Certificates &colon CE–ISO–SGS &semi
&lpar5&rpar&time period Brand Brand &colon ELK or CZPTized your symbol&semi
&lpar6&rpar&period Packing Varieties &colon Plywood cases &lparNo Require Fumigation&rpar
&lpar7&rpar&period Packing Size&colonL&astW&astH cm &colon Pls Ref&period Beneath CZPT Desk&semi
&lpar8&rpar&interval Packing Weights &colon Pls Ref&interval Under CZPT Desk&semi
&lpar9&rpar&period of time Supply Time &colon Inside ten Days—-20 Times&semi
&lpar10&rpar&period Work Class &colon M4&equalsH4&equals2M &semi
&lpar11&rpar&interval Rating &colon 30min &semi
&lpar12&rpar&period of time Good quality Warranty &colon 2 Years &semi

 3&interval&interval ELK CZPT Chain CZPTs Rewards&colon– Higher Quality &sol Substantial Security &colon

         ELK®CZPT Chain CZPT Advantages &colon
Rigid Inspection CZPTs all elements are Automobile-Tested by globe 1st-course Take a look at Device &semi
Security&Dependability Sensitive Steady Electromagnetic Braking Device–Inverse Phase 
Sequence Safeguarding Gadget–Limit Switch — Lowest Fix Rate&semi
Compact  Tough Shape   Aluminum Die-casting Shell&commaLight but Hard&comma Quick Warmth Dissipation&semi Scaled-down Quantity&semiMore than 3 times Sharpening Methods to Hold Easy & CZPT Floor &semi 
Very best CZPTs             All CZPTs Program&lparSchneider&solShihlin&solDelixi makes&rpar we use This sort of as Cables &commaAC Contactors&comma Transformers&commaPush Button Swap are produced professionally by Greatest Famous CZPTs Factory in China with ISO or CE CZPT Certificates&semi
Ideal Chains   Undertake Japan FEC80Chains&solChina Maximum high quality Chains–&lparProtect Chains from Fatigue&commaWear and Rust&rpar–Greatest Safety  Chain Bag–Hot-forging Hooks&semi
Special Motor   Technic      Motors Coils are unique made by hand in our possess manufacturing unit by Exclusive Processing Technic &semi Super Peaceful Voice and Lengthy Service Lifestyle&semiEasy Heat Dissipation&semi
Maximum Precision      Grinding Gears through Warmth-managing&semiChain Wheel & Rotors are Skillfully Processed &semi
Excellent Painting    CZPTs Area is 3 Layers of Stoving Varnish Painting by Ideal Painting Technic to keep  CZPT and Durable &semi
Nut&commaScrew&commaBolt   ELK CZPTs all CZPTcal Gears&commaNuts &commaScrews and Bolts are processed by most superior technic&colonSturdy&solDurable&solNeat&semi
Expense Performance Insist on the Most  Favorable Price and Maximum Quality Guarantee to every our clients &time period

four&period of time&periodELK CZPT Chain CZPT with Fastened Hook — Specification Parameters Table &colon

one&time period ELK CZPT Chain CZPT with Hook —- CZPT Parameters —-HKD -S Series&colon
    Up& Down–Solitary Pace &semi
Type Capacity &lparTon&rpar CZPT Raise Top &lparm&rpar Lift Pace &lparm&solmin&rpar Power  &lparKw&rpar Voltage&sol  Phase Trolley Speed     &lparm&solmin&rpar Chain Dai&period&lparmm&rpar Perform Class Weights&lparKgs&rpar Volume  &lparm3&rpar
HKD00501S &period5T 3m 6&period8 &period75 200V–600V&sol3P&sol50Hz or 60Hz &sol Ø6&period3x19 M4 48 &period09
HKD5711S 1T 3m six&period6 1&period5 &sol Ø7&period1x21 M4 62 &period11
HKD5712S 1T 3m three&period4 &period75 &sol Ø6&period3x19 M4 56 &period09
HKD5711S 2T 3m six&period6 three &sol Ø10×30 M4 119 &period18
HKD5712S 2T 3m 3&period3 one&period5 &sol Ø7&period1x21 M4 78 &period11
HKD0301S 3T 3m five&period4 3 &sol Ø11&period2x34 M4 126 &period18
HKD0302S 3T 3m four&period4 three &sol Ø10×30 M4 113 &period18
HKD0303S 3T 3m two&period2 one&period5 &sol Ø7&period1x21 M4 one hundred fifteen &period18
HKD0502S 5T 3m two&period7 three &sol Ø11&period2x34 M4 157 &period18
HKD5713S 7&period5T 3m one&period8 three &sol Ø11&period2x34 M4 186 &period27
HKD1004S 10T 3m two&period7 three x 2 &sol Ø11&period2x34 M4 341 &period58
HKD1506S 15T 3m 1&period8 3 x 2 &sol Ø11&period2x34 M4 475 &period66
HKD2008S 20T 3m 1&period4 three x 2 &sol Ø11&period2x34 M4 615 &period97
HKD2508S 25T 3m 1&period3 3 x 2 &sol Ø11&period2x34 M4 648 1&period23
HKD3571S 30T 3m 1&period1 three x 2 &sol Ø11&period2x34 M4 960 two&period42
HKD3512S 35T 3m &period9 3 x 2 &sol Ø11&period2x34 M4 1250 three&period14

Notes &ast&ast&colon Far more Total CZPT Parameters & Size Specification Catalogue &commapls Make contact with us &commawe will deliver to you our latest Fully CZPT Datas by E-mail &time period
five&period of time&periodELK CZPT Chain CZPTs — Manufacturing facility Sights & Certificates &colon

6&time period&periodELK CZPT Chain CZPTs — Packaging &colon
7&period&time periodFor Related Products Selection &colon

1 ODM&colon CZPT Organization is the Skilled Supply Producer &semi
two CZPT Certificates&colon CE — ISO — SGS  Approved&semi
3 Brand  &colon  ELK® 
four Factory &colon 5 Senior Specialist Engineers with a lot more than 20 many years experiences &semi
five Manufacturing facility Location &colon Total 6 Workshops &semi 12000 M
six Annual Output Benefit&colon1290 0000 USD—-2000 0000 USD &semi
7 Regular monthly Output&colon3000–5000 Sets &semi
8 Market  Percentage&colon 70&percnt for Export–World Industry &sol 30&percnt for Sale–House Market&semi
9 Production  Scope &colon
&lpar1&rpar CZPT Chain CZPT with &lparSlipping Clutch&rpar &period5T———60T
&lpar2&rpar CZPT Wire Rope CZPT &period5T———32T
&lpar3&rpar Crane Geared Motor with Buffer &period25Kw—–3&period75Kw
&lpar4&rpar Finish Truck &period5T———-50T
&lpar5&rpar Crane Wheel Block GWPW95–GWPW545
&lpar6&rpar CZPT&solManual Trolley &period5T———-30T
&lpar7&rpar CZPT CZPT Parts&colonRemote Control-Overload Protector And many others&period of time &period5T———-60T
&lpar8&rpar Crane CZPT Components&colonPower Rail-C Monitor-Cable And many others&period of time &period5T———-50T
&lpar9&rpar Single&solCZPT Girder Crane  &period5T———-50T
&lpar10&rpar Chain Block &period5T———-20T
&lpar11&rpar Lever Block &period5T———-9T

eight&period of time&periodELK CZPT Chain CZPTs — Following-sale Providers– inside 24 Hrs&colon
&lpar1&rpar&time period&period of time&interval&time periodAhead of–Sale Provider &colon 
01&interval&periodQuality Manage&colon Strictly Creation Ask for base on signed agreement &semi
02&time period&periodDelivery Time&colon Guarantee inside of contracted delivery time &semi
03&period of time&periodPhotos&colon Send images to our consumer following end production and packing &semi
04&interval&periodPacking Specifics&colonGive full packing size desk to our customer&semi
05&time period&periodBrand&colon Respect our customers’ advice to use our customers’ own brand name & logo &semi
06&time period&periodDocuments&colonGive high efficiency support to post you all essential customs clearance files by DHL or TNT &period  
&lpar2&rpar&period&period&interval&periodAfter–Sale Provider &colon  
01&time period&periodReply &colon Quick reply all your concerns on line or by e-mail or by phone &semi
02&interval&periodQuality Difficulties&colonOur manufacturing unit is liable for any troubles if it is resulted by our motives &lparSuch as give you free of charge new elements to restore it  or give sufficient some payment price to you&rpar &semi
03&period of time&periodSafe Running&colon Pls remind your customers to respect our Running Handbook to function our equipment rightly&comma to assure Risk-free when function our equipment &semi

 &ast&ast&ast&ast&astChain Maintenance &colon Must usually make the Chain to be Lubricated by Chain Oil &colon
nine&period of time&periodELK CZPT Chain CZPTs –Manufacturing facility Information & FAQ&colon
1&period of timeAre you maker or trade Company&quest
–We are a factory established in 2571 Year &period 
two&periodHow about sample & MOQ policy&quest
–Welcome sample get&period MOQ can be 1 set&period 
three&time periodWhat is your lead time for your products&quest
–Generally 15 times after confirmed get&interval ten times could be CZPT for some things in ample inventory and standard needs&comma and 30 times for the duration of new yr and sizzling period &lpar Jan to March&rpar&time period
4&periodWhat need to I provide when inquiry&quest
–The much more info you supply&comma the correct answer we can put together for you&excl 
A- Lifting potential&colon       Ton&quest
B- Lifting peak&colon&colon         m&quest
C- What is your&colon  working  atmosphere&quest
D- What is Voltage–Stage–Frequency — Hand Control Voltage &colon                         &quest&period
five&periodHow about the allocations of ELK hoists&quest
–Other than fundamental hoist&comma we also offer hoist with repeatedly variable transmission&comma overload limiter&comma thermal protector&comma slipping clutch and remote handle as you essential&period


3ton Low Headroom Chain Electric Hoist